There are different types of garage door openers. Homeowners in New Haven city have the liberty to choose garage doors according to what is most ideal for their needs. The design of garage door openers facilitates the process of opening and closing of garage doors. Users can control an opener through a a switch or a remote control, depending on the design of the device.

Security and Protection

You can enhance security and protection by investing in garage door openers that use rolling code technology. This type of technology is applicable in the creation of garage door openers. It has the advantage of making it impossible for intruders or unauthorized individuals from accessing codes that they can use to access someone else’s property.

Key Differences in Technology

The rolling code technology has served as a replacement for the dip switch technology that was commonly used in the past. Dip switch garage door openers utilize a code that makes it possible to open and close garage doors. One of the challenges that has been faced while using dip switch garage door openers is the duplication of codes.

With the number of garage door repair or installations on the rise, there was an imposition of a limit on the combinations with regard to the codes. This enabled unscrupulous characters to access the codes and open other people’s garages, which led to a compromise in security. Without sufficient variations in combinations, the dip switch technology is less secure than the rolling code technology garage door openers.

While using dip switch technology, it is important to prevent other people from capturing your signals and gaining access. Although rolling code garage door openers are more secure, dip switch openers can still be used effectively by keeping a few tips in mind. One of the best ways to secure a dip switch garage door opener is by unplugging the system while one is away for long periods of time. New Haven city residents also have the option of using locks on the opener if the lock feature is available.

A wireless device can open and close doors through a PIN that will go a long way in securing the system. This feature makes it possible for the owners of the property to open their doors without remotes or keys. It is important for homeowners to ensure that their garage doors are securely locked before they leave. Older garage door openers typically use the dip switch technology while newer models use the rolling code technology. Homeowners can opt to secure their older remotes or update them and take advantage of advancements in technology.