Garage door openers most times use remotes to control them. These remotes usually run on batteries just like any regular remote. The batteries used may be 9-volt batteries or similar to those used in watches.

Garages with multiple doors will require multiple remotes and therefore, multiple batteries to run these remotes. They should all be in perfect working condition at all times because not being able to access your garage after a long day can be very frustrating. Troubleshooting such scenarios may lead to the following:

  • Replacing the battery

Most remote problems are due to faulty batteries. They may be weak or totally dead. The remote may have been bought recently but it could also have spent quite a while on the store shelves so do not hesitate on account of the remote being new.

You can find the battery slot at the back where a sliding panel is located. Other remotes have some circular indentations on the sides. Such remotes require you to split them in half using a coin or an attached visor clip.

  • Reprogramming the remote

Where there are switches inside the remote ensure that these switches are in the same order as the switches on the back side of the garage door opener. The owner’s manual should have reprogramming instructions if the remote is reprogrammable.

  • Replacing the remote altogether

If none of these work, you should buy a new remote.

Be sure to use the right type of good quality batteries on your garage door remote. They are usually easily available at department stores. At New Haven Garage Door Repair Experts, we know what we are doing and garage doors and all the accessories that come with them are our specialty.

We will install your garage doors and openers, perform routine maintenance and inspection and fix any problems that may arise along the way. We believe in providing quality services and products at affordable prices, with our clients’ choices and preferences in mind. We will always attend to your needs whichever day they fall on, including holidays and weekends. Contact us for great service.