New haven garage door masters offer most of the services in line with garage maintenance. Among the leading services offered includes; Garage Door Repair, Maintenance, Inspection, Installation services amongst others. Below are more reasons to always find a way to contact our technicians for a better service.


When it comes to the repair of a door, we do offer the below services;

1. Replacement and repair of garage door cables. Many of the garage door cables are known to be located all way up from the drum situated all way up the top of the door to the foot section. Since they hold the weight of the garage, when broken, an immediate replacement is always guaranteed on an accomplished person to avoid any damage as the cables are known to be in intense tension. A technician from our company is highly preferred.

2. For an efficient garage door spring repair, our prospective clients are advised to contact our experts for a Periodic force test – in our firm; we have got specialized experts who test the force of the door. For example, if you door is completely on, and you try to close it automatically using the automatic opener, if you hold beneath it as it closes and there is a constant motion of the door to the front, it is advisable that you look for a technician to work on your door.


1. Replacement or repair of a spring.
Its repair and replacement depends on the lifespan of the spring. A quality spring always have its lifespan counted in cycles i.e. with the door going up and down counted as one cycle. The spring should be fixed fast by an expert as it is a common repair and untrained individuals should not deal with this task as they lack the basic skills that are needed. At New Haven, we interchange rolling steels, one-piece curtain entries and fragmented torsion coils.

2. Torsion spring replacement.
Instead of extending in order to lift up the door, a torsion spring is modified to produce energy by coiling itself around a tube. The wounding process can be so hazardous if the repair is handled by unskilled personnel. Hence we commend our technician to repair the damage.

In most of the cases, most people become victims of door openers breaking down. One should not be all that anxious since at haven, we determine the cause of the problem competently and professionally and resolve the issue. We deal in many different types of services when it comes to the repair of the door. Just to mention but a few, these services do include;Repair of an opener that is not efficient enough by either not being capable to open the garage door or closing it. Repair of an opener that requires more energy to operate. This can either be due to the reduced lubrication or the opener itself being defective. Repair of an opener that retorts to the control devices i.e. the remote. This issue can be caused by the sensors in the opener being outdated. Garage door opener repair is only efficient during the time the door is being opened while at the same time, it becomes defective if one tries closing the door.

We also offer services to the situations where the opener operates itself i.e. when it functions even without being directed by the remote systems. In case one experiences the above technicalities, we can be contacted as we are capable to reach at your place for a better service.