When it comes to garage doors, much has to be considered to determine the best garage doors. Some of these factors are size of your compound, location of your premises, ease of installation and much more. Therefore, it’s very hard to qualify the best garage doors as it depends on the user.

The most commonly used types of garage doors are: canopy side, retractable and hinge sectional retractable. The most suitable garage door to use where your driveway space is limited is sectional garage doors. This is because they open and shut vertically, enabling cars to park close to the door comfortably.

Types of garage doors

Manual garage doors are very few in the market if any. Today, people have embraced remote controlled garage doors for their efficiency and reliability. The most adopted design in many homes is overhead garage door. People find them easy to use, with safety and wonderful features. Overhead garage doors operate with a rolling system. Generally, overhead doors are quiet, smooth and compact. Some of their popular garage door manufacturers are Liftmaster, Garaga, DBCI, and Raynor.

Wood garage doors

They are preferred for their stunning appearance and affordability. Unfortunately, they don’t have much in terms of durability unless you go for types like cedar which will last for many years and still look wonderful. Many of the roll-up wood doors are panel or flash construction. Flush sections are constructed by fastening the plywood panel on top of a wooden frame while on the other hand panel doors are made into rectangular panels which are then fitted into a wooden frame. The main problem of a wooden garage door is that, it requires re-painting after a given period of time because it expands and contract which may cause it to crack or warp as it weathers.

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Steel garage doors

Use of steel garage doors is very advantageous, the reason being they don’t crack, warp or even fall apart because of weather. This means there is no need to incur painting and refining costs. At long-run wooden garage door are expensive.

Another great advantage of steel garage doors is that they can be made to look like wood without maintenance. Some of them have grained steel skin that can be painted to look exactly like wood. Some manufacturers use vinyl boards on the outer part of the steel door to make it resemble an outward swing door. On the contrary, steel garage doors dent and it may be difficult to garage door repair. It also may be a little bit difficult to install the garage door.

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Fiberglass which sometimes referred to as GRP, garage doors are used mostly where the location of the premises is salty. In particularly, salty climatic regions. They only require a mild exterior cleaning to maintain their quality finish. They can do without being stained or finished. Fiberglass can withstand the test of time because of its toughness and durability. The most popular fiberglass is the rectangular garage door.

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The information provided above will see you buy the best garage door based on your complexion, location, and geographical area.