Who are New Haven Garage Door Experts?

We are a team of highly specialized professional committed to ensuring your esteemed customers comfort and safety when it comes to garage doors functionality and efficiency. Our services incline on installation, maintenance, inspection, replacement and repair of all garage door appliances and accessories. Our primary focus is ensuring a 100% garage door operation at a friendly and affordable price.

Garage door services at New Haven Garage Door Experts

Garage door installation:

We offer residential new garage door installation at very affordable prices. Our prime priority is ensuring our clients are contended with our services by providing advice, cutting of expenditure costs and comfort at all times. We ensure you access to doors of quality materials reliable and durable if contacted prior to the purchase. We offer advice to our clients when buying the doors critical factors being on the pinch and the tamper resistance to for operation efficiency and injury risk reduction.

New garage door installation concerns projects at safe electrical wiring, proper removal and disposal of the old door and proficient installation. We believe in satisfying our customer’s desires and ensuring the installation is efficient. Proper installation ascertains reduced maintenance and replacement costs thus not constraining the customer’s budget.

Garage door inspection and maintenance

We inspect the garage door operation to ensure the garage door springs, openers, garage drum, remotes, etc. are operations. Inspection is an assurance of proficient work ability of the door and ascertains durability. We ensure our esteemed customers doors are in good conditions for safety and sudden failure to open and close. Our inspection programs provide solutions that ensure your finances are not constrained and meet your expectations. We say, always be aware and assured by efficient working garage door at an affordable price at all time.

We just don’t inspect, but we ensure the worn out parts, and nonfunctional parts of the doors are removed and replaced. We also ensure the doors components are well lubricated and adjusted to enhance door durability and efficiency. All this comes at the most friendly prices ever as we have your concerns at our hearts.

Garage door replacement and repair

Garage door replacement on regular occasions accounts for almost the same price as the door installation. Our commitment is at ensuring your door replacement requirements are met by offering discounts. We replace the door components such as the cables, springs, brackets, hinges and other worn out components. Our discounted prices focus on saving you your budget and allowing you direct the money in other usages.

Garage door repairs are the most paramount concerns at New Haven Garage Door experts. We understand repairs are a nightmare of many clients thus we have come out solidly determined to ensure you have peace and save on the repair cost. We offer our repair services using the most recommended materials, and our experience ascertains satisfactory operations. Let the cost of garage door repair no longer bother you, we have them solved by us.

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