Garage doors are mostly heavy and you would easily assume that it is safe since a professional does the installation. This is not always the case. It is actually required that you have your garage door inspected for safety as often as possible. Here is a checklist of telltale signs that you need a professional garage door repair or safety inspection:

Garage Door Inspection Services – New Haven
  1. Worn out springs

Any type of spring is bound to wear out with time, no matter how good the quality is. Some will take longer than others will due to quality, but wearing out of springs is inevitable. The older your garage door is the higher the chances of your springs wearing out. If a garage door has two springs, replacing of both should both be at the same time, even if only one has worn out. So garage door springs should be repair on time.

  1. Loose bottom brackets

The bottom bracket of a garage door should be firm and ideally left alone. It is usually under a lot of tension and loosening it, whether deliberately or by accident, can cause serious injuries. Some brands of garage door brackets are not removable or undone when they are under a lot of tension to avoid any accidents. They remain tamper-proof at all times.

  1. Frayed strips

Strips and cables that are hanging loose or display fraying is a sign that your cables will be breaking soon. These will probably be visible on either side of the garage door.

  1. Watch your fingers

As you do your inspection, be watchful of your fingers. A slight mistake can lead to crushing them into a pulp because the pressure and weight from the door is usually high. Do not place your fingers between any sections of the door in an effort to close the door.

  1. Keep your manual nearby

Owner’s manuals usually have instructions that are specific to that garage door repair. It is, therefore, important to keep it close whenever you are doing an inspection so that you know whether you have missed anything or not.

Any of these situations requires immediate inspection and repair by a trained New Haven professional. If left unattended they can lead to serious injury or damage to property. Squeaking garage doors are not a sign of an unsafe door. This occurs when the chains rub against each other. Some lubrication on the chains or on whichever metallic part causing the noise easily solves this problem.


Regular inspection is required to arrest a situation before it gets out of hand. You can get a professional to conduct the inspection.