For installation and repair of garage doors and openers in New Haven, you need the services of a trusted company in town. As more of expertise is required in repairing a garage door that is not working. It’s better to install a new one than look for a garage door service company that specializes in all kinds of repairs. Let us take a look at some of the common repairs needed:

Garage doors coming off track
Many reasons can lead to garage doors coming off track, including every day wear and tear, accidents, etc. When this happens, you need the services of a technician that has the expertise in repairing damaged tracks so well that it starts operating as new.

Springs getting loose
Springs of the garage door tend to break or get loose as they bear the weight of the heavy garage door constantly. The seasoned technicians are able to fix this problem by adjusting the tension of springs and replace broken springs.

Cables breaking or getting loose
Constant movement and stress of heavy garage doors can break or loosen the cables. You need to hire techies who stock cables and drums to get the system back to normal functioning. Broken cables need to be replaced while loose cables can be fixed by experienced professionals adept in the task.
Damage to door panels
Accidents or inclement weather can cause accidents leading to damage of the garage door panels. However, there is no need to replace the entire panel if the damage is only to one. Techies who carry many panels in stock can be contacted for this. They will replace the panel without overcharging you for it. Apart from installation of door, if you want the services of garage door openers installation, find a company that specializes in offering the same from top brands. You can use any web search engine to find techies specializing in repair and installation of openers as well as garage doors. This is much better than calling your friends and family or looking up the yellow pages to find a reliable garage door service company in New Haven.

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