Garage door springs will frequently break due to wear and tear. Broken Garage Door Spring Repair, Garage Door spring Replacement, Spring Repair and replacement are done by Newhaven Garage Door Experts. Example of tools that you will require in repairing your door spring are a pair of winding bars that you will use to wind the springs, a set of vice grips used for adjusting door cables. Most importantly, you will require a 9/16′ wrench and 7/16′ wrench. Gloves and glasses will be used for safety purposes. Gloves prevents any cuts and glasses prevent iron particles on the spring from falling in your eyes.

Checking your garage door balance when you activate the opener is a sure way of checking the strength of your door springs. In case there is an imbalance, then your garage door springs are not working properly. Ensure you unplug the power source of the opener and then release its extension manually before you start the spring repair process. Use the ladder to access the springs while remembering to have your glasses on. You will use the winding bars and the 7/16′ wrench to unwind the broken spring. Make sure you place the ladder on the other side of the spring to prevent fine particles from dropping on your face. Insert and firmly hold the torsion tube using the winding bars and go ahead and loosen the two 7/16′ bolts that spring. By applying the right amount of torque, you should see the spring loose its tightness.

The cable should totally accessible when you are done, if that’s not the case then you should repeat the process until the cables have no tension with the door. Once you have checked, use the 7/16′ wrench to loosen up the drum on both sides of the garage door. You can now use the 9/16′ wrench to remove the bolts on the center brace close to the door opener. Grab the torsion tube firmly and push and shift it over in order to access a freeway to remove the spring. You can always rest the torsion tube on the J-bar since it’s quite heavy. Slide out the broken spring and place it in a box or cushion to avoid anyone tripping on it. In garage door repair, you can contact an expert, but is advisable to just buy a new one.

Go ahead and install the new springs. One spring is often marked red on the tip while the other is marked black. Remember to place the red spring on the left side of the torsion tube while the black one on the right side. In case you had removed the left side of torsion tube, start with the black spring and slide it through to the right. Use a metallic center bearing instead of a plastic one before sliding in the black spring. So each spring should be on both sides of the J-bar. After this, you will put the drum back on and adjust the cables. Use the wrenches to bolt back the new springs. If you face any difficulties, you can contact New haven Garage Door Experts.