Mechanical problems are bound to arise whenever there is a mechanical device, garage doors being among them. Once in a while, you will experience some problems with your door. The most common occurrence is the door jamming midway. What causes this?

  • The opener may be in “lock” or “vacation” mode. This means that it can be opened using a remote from the outside, but has to be unlocked using the wall control inside. For any assistant contact garage door opener repair in New Haven.
  • Your remote battery may be low or dead. Press the remote as you walk closer to the garage door and observe the red light that blinks from the entry point of the chains. If the door responds, move back a few steps. If it stops responding, it means the battery is low and requires replacement. If the red light does not blink at all in response to the remote then the battery is dead.
  • If the light blinks but there is no response from the door, it means the problem is elsewhere. It could be loose wires or something blocking the electric eyes. Try wiggling all the wires one at a time, being careful to touch only the insulated parts. Check the electric eye locations for cobwebs covering them or misalignment. Wipe any cobwebs and ensure the electric eyes are directly facing each other for the beam to work.
  • In different scenarios, the problem may be in the travel and force settings. Travel settings allow you to determine where the door stops in both directions while force settings allows compensation for weather changes and resistance from altered door conditions. Depending on your model, you may need to adjust some screws or press some buttons.
  • If none of these works, your door may require adjustment or the opener may be spoilt and needs repair or replacing. You may need to call a garage door repair in New Haven. You will get assistance to troubleshoot and eventually fix the problem. Problems that need lifting or making adjustments to the door should ideally be for the experts because of the risk of injury that is involved.