A new house feels and smells like something great is about to happen. It holds the promise of great things to come and many new milestones to accomplish. Once you live in a house very long, parts of it will need renovation. Garage doors will start to squeak and rattle and the first thought that comes to mind will probably be fixing the broken parts.

That is not a bad idea at all because fixing it will get rid of the entire squeaking nuisance. A better idea is replacing the door altogether. Quite a number of reasons can motivate you to get a brand new garage door in New Haven.


  • Increased security

Garages usually store items like cars and lawn mowers. These expensive items need to be safe at all times. Most garages also act as a connection to the main house. A garage door left open or damaged can provide easy access to thieves. Installing a new garage door ensures that all the property inside the garage is kept away from sticky hands.

Newer doors also have more safety features like photoelectric eyes that cast an invisible beam used to detect obstructions near the garage door. Whenever there is something near the garage door while it is closing itself down, the door automatically reverses in motion and opens up, thus, avoiding accidents like knocking down pets or small children.

  • Gains you some savings

New garage doors that come with insulation lead to reduced energy consumption. Specific insulated garage doors qualify for a tax credit incentive from the federal government. This means that the garage door will actually pay for itself through the year.

  • Raises the value of your home

A beautiful house with an old garage door will have a regular price, but a little upgrade to the garage door will raise the value by quite a number of dollars. The fact that real estate agents actually offer a higher price for houses with new and stylish garage doors proves this.

  • Cleaner house

Garages are connected to the rest of the house and as the seasons change, getting mud, and rainwater into your house becomes inevitable. The keyless entry pad easily lets you in and you can leave your muddy boots in the garage leaving your house cleaner for longer even with bad weather.


A new garage door might seem expensive, but so many benefits come with it. Try to experience the benefits for yourself.