For your garage door to function smoothly, the garage door trucks must stay in good working condition. The tracks are responsible for holding the door in place, as well as facilitating a smooth up and down movement. When one of the essential tracks is either misaligned or bent or snapped, it becomes a huge burden. Taking care of such an investment is key and that’s why you’ll require a few tips to assist you prevent bent garage door tracks.


#1 Timely inspection and frequent maintenance of tracks

As time passes by, the tracks will wear out and corrode as a result of moisture or salt. Eventually, they’ll start to bend. Note that both the vertical and horizontal tracks are prone to wear and tear.

To stay on the safer side, ensure you inspect the tracks on a regular basis and urgently address any problems that will show up. Also, ensure you provide adequate lubrication to the parts that demand of it.

Remember, since we use our garage doors daily, regular collision and movement will definitely wear them out. So timely inspection, as well as regular garage door maintenance, is a must.

#2 Even out bends using a hammer or mallet

By using a hammer, it becomes possible to even out slight bends or dents on the track. Together with a wood block, you can straighten it easily.

Moreover, if the track happens to be slightly out of shape, you will possibly have to replace the wall brackets in order to keep it in a good working position.

Nonetheless, when the tracks seem badly damaged and in need of replacement, don’t hesitate to purchase replacement tracks from a trusted company that deals in garage door parts and have a garage door expert fix it.

#3 Ensure the garage door is working properly

A door malfunction will most likely cause the tracks to bend, especially if the door is crooked. Sometimes you’ll hit the garage door with your car accidently. When this happens, the tracks will be damaged and consequently bend/damage the brackets, which are responsible for attaching the track to the wall.

Therefore, it’s essential that to keep the garage door in good condition and ensure it’s working properly.

#4 Take good care of the rollers in the track

The rollers in the rack are extremely vital when it comes to having the track in good condition. It’s common to see rollers popping out of the track.

When the track happens to be quite far away from the door sides, it becomes easy for the rollers to slide out of the hinges. This in many cases brings about other problems to the garage door, including bent tracks.

Should you need any assistance in regards to this, then it’s important to seek the help of garage door repair services in New Haven.


#5 Ensure other parts of the garage door are working properly

Garage door tracks, alongside other components such as the garage door springs and cables, constitute essential components of the garage door.

However, when these important components fail to function properly, it will affect the rest of the operations of the door hence resulting in sub-standard operations. It’s possible to have the tracks bent as a result of other malfunctions arising out of other garage door parts.

Some components such as the torsion springs can be dangerous to deal with if one is untrained. Therefore, it’s better left to the experts who will perform tests and find out where urgent garage door maintenance or repair is needed and proceed to have everything well taken care of to prevent unnecessary future problems.


Keep in mind that garage door trucks make an essential part of the whole garage door. Any wear or minor malfunction can bring about serious problems to the track’s operation. If left unattended, more other issues will arise causing the garage door to undergo further damage. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to observe the aforementioned tips.

Moreover, seeking the assistance of  New Haven Garage Door Experts will be better since they boast of the experience, skill and resources needed to effectively deal with such issues.