New haven Garage Door Experts have a team of friendly technicians who are knowledgeable and also have many years of experience in replacement and fixing of broken springs on garage doors. It can be extremely dangerous to either fix or replace a broken garage door spring. It is therefore advisable to always contact your local New haven Garage Door Experts to fix the mess for you as soon as possible. Services offered here include extension springs and broken torsion springs of commercial, industrial and residential sections.

Normally, the first step is usually to do thorough inspection of the door on both sides. If you note any sign of wear and tear that needs attention, then you can contact the New haven Garage Door Experts

New haven Garage Door Experts thoroughly cleans the outside of the garage door with a detergent, water and sponge. They need to make sure they remove any sap from tree, debris or leaves, as well as other stain, as per the recommendation of the manufacture.

They will test the door by opening and closing to find out if the spring is out of place. They are then supposed to tighten any lose nuts or bolt using a socket wrench, on the hinges or trucks. They will then locate bolts and nuts that have warning tags. Finally, they will check the door balance.

With regular and proper maintenance, your garage door is capable of serving you longer and faithfully.
If you are not properly trained, do not attempt to garage door repair, service, adjust or fix garage door springs. You may not be having the proper skills as well as tools needed to perform the job. It is equally very dangerous to continue operating garage door with a broken spring. This can also cause further damage to the garage door as well as the electric systems. Spring replacement is one of the most common repairs that are needed on the garage door. The springs act as a balance and are available in different sizes. It shoulders most of the garage door weight. This helps the garage doors to open and close manually or with the help of an opener.

The Spring Lifespan
The garage door springs have a very short lifespan. The lifespan is measured in cycles, when the door goes up and comes down. That is counted as one complete cycle. In as much as there are several lifespan options, majority of common springs usually come with ten thousand life cycle expectancy? Your garage door usage will determine how frequent you are supposed to replace the spring. In the example below, you are able to see the life expectancy of a ten thousand cycle spring that is determined by the daily use.

The moment the spring reaches its life cycle, it may break and release all tension hence no linger helpful to balance the door. It is the spring that has most tension when the door is in down position. As a result, at this position, the spring is most likely to break. This does not however mean the spring cannot fail when the garage door is in a raised position, which can eventually lead to the door crashing down. This explains the reason why it is always advisable to keep off walking under the garage door in motion.

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