Tilt-up garage doors were the in-thing in the 60s and 70s. They opened outward away from the door frame and generally looked nice for that age. Things have, however, changed with tons of reasons why you need to get rid of your tilt-up door now.

  • It takes up a lot of space as it opens up, thus, reducing curb space. It may even knock a few things as it opens up.
  • Tilt-up doors are usually made of wood and can be up to 300 pounds. This is very heavy and in the event that a spring fails, the damage caused will be extreme, to property or people. Modern doors are more lightweight and can weigh between 100 and 200 pounds.
  • The kind of springs used on tilt-up doors is very large and are on either side of the door. They can pose a danger when worn out. Newer garage doors have torsion springs above the door and this is safer.
  • There is no insulation on these doors and this impacts your energy budget. Modern doors can have inbuilt insulation to make your garage warmer without increasing the heating bill.
  • Tilt-up doors can be easily broken, thus, leaving your house and property rather insecure.
  • The fact that they tilt up and outwards make it very difficult to have any kind of weather barriers or seals.
  • Noise is a very common feature of tilt-up doors because they only have two connection points and rollers. Modern doors have ball bearings and about 8 to 10 connection points, thus, making them much quieter.
  • Since they are made of wood, they are more prone to weathering and will require paint touch-ups every so often. It is also difficult to get your tilt-up door repaired because most companies don’t service such doors anymore.

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